Thoughts upon arrival

10 reoccurring thoughts during my first few weeks in England

1. Thank god I’m not driving

If driving on the left side of unbelievably narrow roads lined by tall hedges wasn’t intimidating enough, the aggressive speeding through roundabouts is enough to make me accept my permanent position in the passenger seat for the duration of my stay.

2. I want to own every house covered in vines

Because nothing is more storybook charming than a plant covered home.

2018-09-25 02.40.39 1.jpg

3. Curry sauce is liquid gold

I think I've discovered the essence of life, and it just so happens to go perfectly with everything.

4. I feel like I’m on a historical field trip

Sometimes I can’t even wrap my head around the age and historical significance of some of these places. I can’t get enough.

2018-09-25 02.56.43 1.jpg

5. While there aren’t many animals that will hurt you, the plants will definitely try

A hard lesson learned by sitting in a patch of stinging nettle, which was as bad as it sounds.

6. The pub food tastes like a 5 star meal

England puts our greasy fried fare to shame.

2018-09-25 02.48.29 1.jpg

7. I’ve entered a new realm of sugar

I’m as happy as a kid in a candy store, trying more foreign sweets than any one person should be allowed to eat in a day.

8. The afternoon tea thing? I get it now.

I would happily take part in this ritual every day for the rest of my life. 

2018-09-24 05.08.41 1.jpg

9. Constantly reminding myself that when asked if I’m okay, it translates to “how are you”


10. “SHEEP!”

I’m more impressed by the people who can pass by a field of sheep and NOT make mention of it out loud.

2018-09-25 02.56.46 1.jpg