Why I Stopped Writing

My heart can be found on any given piece of paper somewhere in a stack of my many pen filled notebooks. It can be found in the image created from the result of a carefully planned shutter click. It can be found in the life and effort I've poured into my wanderings. And it can be found in the pull I've always felt towards expression. 

When my inner written narrative fell silent over the past year, I felt as though the heart of my creativity had slipped out the back door without notice. I'd traded my inner voice for laziness and an idea that I could just write today's thoughts tomorrow. Constantly putting writing at the bottom of my priorities, I'd stopped seeing words in their poetic form, and no longer felt the need for that expression. The goals I had set for myself to follow for my written passions seemed unattainable and pointless.

When I recently decided to push myself to write again, the dialogue quietly and hesitantly returned with every blank line, even when my words felt rung out and dry. Slowly, inspiration began to peek it's head out and whisper to me when I was least prepared or even asked for its presence. As the days passed and I made room for it to grab hold of my thoughts and grow, the more I felt it rekindling the heart of my creativity once more.

With writing being as fulfilling to me as breath entering a lung, I've come to understand what it will take to continue on the path that I set out so long ago to follow. I need to commit to a relationship with consistency. I need to feed that flame.

With putting pen to paper each day, the ideas have been pouring in and the words are already formed in my head before I even begin. I have lists of topics to write about and share this year. I have adventures to re-explore. And I have an inner narrative that's finally ready to keep writing. It's time to breathe life back into this blog space as an extension of my thoughts. And I'm ready to share again. Join me on my journey, and let's see where these words end up taking me.

2017-09-25 10.35.47 1.jpg