An Awakening

Don’t be afraid of the things that are calling your name.
Photo by ToriRay Photography ( )

Photo by ToriRay Photography (

I’ve always felt a draw towards something bigger than myself. I fantasized over a style of life that I felt was unattainable, and a feeling of freedom that I wasn’t sure how to achieve. I craved a sense of community that I didn't know how to define, and I ultimately wanted to feel inspired and accepted.

I’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy for as long as I can remember, and I so often let fear cripple me and stop me from living as a more authentic version of myself. I was passionate about photography, travel, art & writing, but would quickly shut myself down with thoughts of others who were more talented or who knew more about what they were doing. I mostly feared that no one would take me seriously for what it was that I was passionate about.

One of the most poignant sentiments I discovered recently was that our true identity is not based in the judgement and opinions of others, & that we should not build things in our lives based on how people will perceive it, but instead create something because it holds value for us.

It’s time to start leading a fearless existence, and to ultimately make the decision to choose what we want to do based on the notion that it is inherently who we are meant to be. Who we identify as will always trump the lies and insecurities that we believe about ourselves.

It’s such an empowering feeling to now see the value in my own creative journey, and to chase after it so passionately. I encourage everyone to take a moment to evaluate their purpose, drop their own baggage of inadequacy, and go forward into a free and fearless life.